Images from Зеркало: Reshaping & Lighting Film Emulsion (2nd Post)

We’ve gotten around to editing a short video compilation of some of the film strips produced during our workshop Зеркало: Reshaping & Lighting Film Emulsion.

In this video, we produced several short strips of film (40 frames or less) for demonstration purpose using various techniques for reshaping emulsion, including reticulation, bleach-etch (mordancage), and dye-plating.

Because these strips were so short, each one was re-photographed using an optical printer, and than digitally transferred and rendered to loop at 12 fps (similar to step printing every frame twice) to provide a greater opportunity to analyze the footage.

In addition to this, each strip was re-photographed under different lighting conditions, including front lighting, back lighting and simultaneous front & back lighting.

Finally, some strips were re-photographed with a colored back light which could be theoretically filtered out in-camera, thus providing an increase in contrast. This technique, described in the video as ‘channel mixing,’ was simulated using Adobe Photoshop.

Additionally, you can download this video in 720p here.

 Optical printing